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What information does “Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association collect ?

You are required to register at the Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association website. We provide options for you to upload and manage your personal information. “Users” should ensure that they take all due precautions to guard their privacy and security.

We may ask you for personal information such as name, affiliation, designation, phone number, email address, correspondence address, etc. to be stored. During your visits to our “Site”, we may use software tools such as JavaScript and server side ‘cookies’ to measure and collect session information, including page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks, and mouse-overs), and methods used to browse away from the page. We may collect your device information, location information through systems such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and other sensors, may store the information on local storage devices using mechanisms such as browser web storage and application data caches; related to update of any service provided on the “Site”. We may record the information about downloads and your pattern of access to our “Site”. We may record the discussion on online or offline fora, if any. During online and offline discussions if any, you may share some information voluntarily. Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association is unable to control any use of such information. Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association is not responsible for any data or information not stored on our servers.

If at any time you believe the principles referred to in this privacy policy statement have not been followed, or have any other comments on these principles, please notify us through the “Contact Us” page.

How does Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association review the personal information?

Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association reviews the personal information that you share with us. In some cases, we may request you to share government authorized proof of identity or records and we may verify the same. If we find any discrepancies in the information you shared and the information we verify, we may automatically

deregister you without informing.

How does Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association use the information collected?

We may use the information for research and academic purposes to develop new technologies to provide better service to our “Users”.

Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association will use this information to inform you about any changes that we may make on the “Site”, any relevant cultural activity which may be of your interest. Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association will communicate

with you to collect any information or to send any such communication only if it is permitted by law and you have not otherwise opted-out of receiving them. We will not collect or identify or use, by any means, sensitive information such as financial details, race, religion, sexual orientation, or health, and thus are not responsible for any such information usage. For any online payments involved if any, we may tie up with third parties. In that case, the “User” will be governed by the third-party privacy policy. Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association is not responsible for any issues which may arise in such transactions.

“Site” administrator and support system can access your account for administration purposes if required, to change your account settings, password, suspend your

account and like. Your personal and related information will be accessed only by concerned Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association employees, and authorized persons.. Please note that this information is available to only limited concerned persons.

The contact and other relevant information you share, may be used to protect the rights, property, and safety of “Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association ”, our “Users”, and other Stakeholders.

How does Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association share the information collected?

We may share personal information at an aggregated level for academic and research purposes such as data analysis, statistical analysis, annual reports and like, on conditions of anonymity; with the funding agency, Sponsors, Government Ministries.

If we believe it is necessary to disclose personal information about you to third

parties in case of any legal activity like compliance of any policy, rules & regulations, funding agency request, government request, court actions, writ, summons, warrants, any legal proceedings then to abide by such requirements, we may disclose your personal information. We follow security practices and procedures to protect your personal information. In their own interest, “Users” are requested to follow the guidelines if any provided by Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association secured login and log out processes, We suggest that if you feel any problem related to data security kindly inform Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association immediately. We value our “Users” and take due care considering the information security. We restrict any unauthorized access to our “Site”. Indian Culture offers choices to manage the “Users” account. “Users” of the “Site” can control and review the data of their personal account, the history of their

account, data display including the name and other information.

Dispute resolution

Saptapadi Cultural & Sports Association is committed to resolving complaints, if any,

as early as possible through our self-regulatory systems, but if in any case we are not able to resolve any complaint related to personal data or privacy of the “Users”, it will be referred to the local competent data protection authority, for resolution


We at SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION value your privacy and understand how important it is for you. To that effect, we have the following privacy policy in place with regard to the collection, use and dissemination of personal information collected by this website. This document will help you understand the terms and conditions under which personal information is provided to this website. Please note that this policy is effective only within SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION domain, and does not apply to websites that may be accessible from external links provided in various pages of this website. Also note that due to the very nature of internet technology and evolving threats, this policy may be updated from time to time. All such updates will be posted in the privacy policy page. In continuing to use this website, you indicate your acceptance of the terms and policies mentioned here.

Information Collection and Use

While you can use parts of this website without providing any personal information, certain sections will only be accessible after you have registered with the website by providing specific data. The information collected by SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION will be used strictly for the purpose stated at the time of collection. Such information will not be sold, traded, rented or in any way given to a third party, including direct marketing companies and similar organisations for commercial purposes. However, SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION may reveal the collected information to its employees, agents, consultants and others who the SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION decides need to know the information. The institute may also divulge the information to third parties, including law enforcement officials, courts and others based on its discretion.

System Information Including IP Addresses

Information that is not personal in nature, i.e., IP addresses, web browser and operating system details, browsing habits, demographical and geographic data and other similar information may be logged and used to analyse and extrapolate information about general user behaviour within the SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION website. Such extrapolations and statistics may be made public; however, they cannot be tracked to individual users. IP addresses are not linked to anything that can help identify the user. Neither are IP addresses, except in rare occasions, handed out third parties.


This website uses “cookies” to track usage and manage services on the website. Cookies are small bits of data that may be transferred to the user’s hard drive when he logs in or accesses a particular part of the website. These are used for a variety of purposes including authentication and can be blocked by reconfiguring the appropriate settings in your web browser. Doing so may, however, restrict access to certain parts of the website. Cookies can also be removed from the user’s hard drive whenever he wishes through his browser options. Information collected through cookies cannot be traced back to the user as it contains no personally identifiable

data like name, address or phone number.


Online Forms

The SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION website uses online forms where you may be asked to provide certain personal information. This is necessary to access certain services in the website (e.g. Online registrations & Payments) or to take part in surveys. By filling out and submitting the form you are understood to have consented to SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION storing and using the information for the purposes for which it has been provided.


At SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION we take every possible precaution to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Unfortunately, we have to control over the transmission medium and digital transmission over the internet can rarely be completely secure. Thus, we cannot ensure the safety of the information transferred to us, and you need to do so at your own risk. Once we receive the data, we will strive to keep it secure using the latest technology, constant upgrades to our digital security infrastructure and restricted access. All information you provide as will be stored in SAPTAPADI CULTURAL & SPORTS ASSOCIATION secured servers. However, we make no guarantees about the security of the data in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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